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Let me begin by telling you who I am and what the Florida Property Manual is offering. My name is Jacqueline Renals and I have lived in    both the Far East and the United States for several years and I know  from first hand experience how difficult it can be when looking for a           location and  property to either live in, invest in, retire to, or use purely    as a vacation home.

In 2006 I returned from a week long visit in the Florida area looking       at properties for investment purposes and found it almost impossible from this side of the Atlantic with all my connections to understand the         enormity of all the implications both legal and otherwise, and quickly  realized that hundreds if not thousands of other families or individuals        could be going through a similar pain barrier. So after researching the implications for myself, I have decided with the help of my husband to write this Florida Property Manual with the information I have    uncovered to help take some of the pain and time away for other     people who are also looking to invest or live in Florida .

This comprehensive manual will cover everything from airline services, immigration, taxes, real estate, mortgage company, lawyers/attorneys    and much more within the state of Florida, other state laws will differ       to Florida state laws and these findings may not apply completely to   other states but will serve as a good guide for people looking to      venture to other states in America.

If after you have read the Florida Property Manual you are keen to proceed we can also offer a one to one service where we discuss            your requirements, budgets and goals introduce you to our contacts in        Florida for a personal service saving you time and money, if you            would like to know more about this service just E-MAIL US by pressing   the highlighted e-mail word and add 'Florida Service' in the subject line.

Kind Regards

Jacquie Renals





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