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Run #110 The Magic Circle in Chanctonbury

Run #110 Chaos without the GM

Run #104 The Halfway Beer Stop

Run #104 The Three Wise Monkeys

Run #103 Grant's Sister - Auld Banger shows brov how to do a down - down!

Run #103 Grant still wondering when he will be mugged!

It was at the Bar!!!

Run #103 Beer Stop by the River Arun

Run #103 Grant from South Africa wants to know where are the guns in case we get mugged!

Run #96 Ooh me improving her skin tone with a good mud bath!

Run #96 - Slash Gordon feels the beer could taste better!

            Run #84 - Oooh nooo where did I put the woordys - Perhaps they won't notice if I talk C*"p

     Run #84 What do you mean how come I never got wet crossing water!

              New Years Day Walk 2010 - Indian WW1 Memorial                 Largest turnout for a walk - 53!

Run #83 Xmas'09 - Photo by Snotty

Run #82 Hashshit Award for being mean to kids!

Run #82 Made it to the Beer Stop!

Run #82 "You want me to suck that!" - See a Doctor!

Run #82 The Aud Banger has a blow out!

Run #81 Motley Crew at Sayers Common

Run #81 Sir Snot Leader of the Pack!

Run #29 - Lost Photo's 26-04-04 - Cum Lately is there!

Run # 29 Cum Lately for those that have not seen him!

Run #77 Attendance 21 - Record Turnout!!!!!

Run #75 Attendance 16 - Some New Young Faces!!!!!

Walkers Led and Lost by Nightmare finally make it back!

New Virgin Lucinda taking her first Down Down in style!

Nightmare Got the T-Shirt to say he was on Run 75 in 2009!

FRB's Halfway thru Beer waiting for the rest of the Pack and Homer needs to go!

Bouncer having just dropped a Beer - Alcohol abuse!

Eeh and Orr - Where the *@*" are we!

Henfield Walker - We take anyone!

More animals introduced at Swains Farm!

A good turnout for the 70th

The GM sets a good example!

Now Drink it Cum Lately!

 Rumpole shows Cum Lately how to Down Down!

A rare sight in 2008!

Seamus the RIH3 GM & Hasher with his buddy Dribbles. Seamus passed away on 7 July 2007 Henfield Run #62 will be in his honour - Sadly missed by many of us.

Cum Lately pulls the crowds even with lack of beer!


Glorious 50th

50 Runs (Plus some walks!)

Some time out for a quick 4 ball!

Education, Education, Education

(Shame it was half term!)

Where's the Beer!!!!!!!!!!!

Cum Lately finally brings the beer!

Bargain shopping at ASDA's!

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